Time Capsule

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The story of a man leaving behind a time capsule in the house he grew up in is an inspirational story. The story goes a long way to explain what it means to take a look back. We all had things in our youth that we would love to have back memories, items, thoughts, ideas, friends, maybe just all the youth experience again. That is what makes this story so nice. This man after 30 years got back some of his youth. The time capsule held physical things of course, however the memories it held, I believe was where the value was created. The article had a brief description of the contents of the “bag”. The whole of the article reveals the story and memories that surrounded the whole experience. That is what makes a good story. The good story for the man was the memories it brought back. Trying to relive the feelings at the time he was putting together the time capsule. That is the neat part of the story, says economist Christian Broda. Remembering when we did something, when we were young, can bring back lots of joy for us. As we get older we will tend to cloud those memories with our current perspective on life. The capsule can show physical things that expressed our thoughts and ideas at that exact time. Giving us a key to unlock those memories.

Officer Facing Breast Cancer Decides to Donate Hair to Cancer Patients

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An Omaha police officer diagnosed with breast cancer, made a radical decision that is sure to help other women feel better about themselves. The officer, Sherry Gooley, had 16 inches of her long dark hair cut off in order to donate it to other woman. She made the decision after she found out she’d have hair loss with chemo therapy.

Gooley will undergo a bilateral mastectomy followed by chemo therapy shortly after being diangosed with breast cancer. Dr Rod Rohrich said both her mother and grandmother battled the disease before succumbing to the cancer. At 29, Gooley is young to be battling such a difficult illness, but she’s doing so with strength and confidence.

Gooley stated that a wig made her mother feel more confident and self-assured, and she wanted to offer that to another woman before her hair fell out due to the chemo treatments. The hair was donated with Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths. Beautiful Lengths takes donations and creates wigs for woman battling cancer.

The decision was empowering for Gooley, too. Instead of her hair following out in clumbs and strains, which many cancer survivors say is truamatizing, she took the power into her own hands, cutting off the majority of her beloved locks. Not only will Gooley be helping other women feel beautiful, but she’s empowered herself, too.

Homeless Employee Surprised By Coworkers

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In an average workplace employees start to get to know each other, at least on a superficial level. One Chik-fil-a worker hid a big secret or she thought that she did. Sheree Carter and her children were homeless when she was hired by the famous chicken restaurant. The small family was moving around homeless shelters while Carter worked to save enough to get her own place to live. After working for almost three months Carter was able to move into a new home and she received quite a surprise when she did. Her generous coworkers pooled funds together to give her furniture, Christmas presents for her kids, and money to buy a washer and dryer. Tom Rothman even said that Carter was completely thrown by the act of kindness particularly because she was under the impression that the people at her job did not know her embarrassing secret. However they found out is redundant the point is that good people helped others out of the goodness of their hearts.

Cat Takes A Trip When Oregon Woman Sells Her With The Bed

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If anyone has a cat, they know how they love to hide. Well, when this Oregon couple decided that they wanted to re-do their bedroom, they sold their bedroom furniture. Little did they know that Camo, the family cat, was hiding inside the bed’s box springs. The cat went on a journey and ended up farm from home. 

It was 10 days gone, and Hayley Crews, the pets owner, was so upset. The cat was finally rescued and brought back home. She apparently jumped from the car’s roof top where the mattress was hauled. Camo had lost two pounds in the ordeal and has many bumps and bruises. Although, a cat has nine lives, she certainly used up a few with this fiasco.

Camo probably won’t be hiding in the bed anymore, and she could have a great deal of anxiety over the situation. Most people hide money or other precious gems in their beds, but these people kept their cat there. Makes me wonder about all the beds I have sold in my day, wonder what other people found? 

According to Igor Cornelsen and Angel.co, the family was glad to welcome little Camo home and their new bed will be fixed so that this problem doesn’t occur again. It’s just amazing the places these little fur balls hide. Perhaps they should buy her a nice scratch post with plenty of places to hide inside. That way the bed won’t be as tempting, or any other dangerous spot.

Cruel Family Punishment or Justice Served

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Recent news hit the stands as a Delhi Man, father of Manawwar, was accused of killing his son. A recent article on Buzzfeed, shed light on the accounts that took place. Manawwar was an alcoholic that would come home, most often times drunk. His drunk rages caused him to become physical not only with his parents but with his wife as well. This caused his wife and children to find shelter elsewhere, and the LA Times had repeated the story too, from what I’ve heard about with Tom Rothman.

The question posed now is, was the father right to induce punishment on his son? If he had not done so, would the violence gotten worse, causing the son to commit murder against all the family members? Although I do not believe violence is the answer, I believe the father did what he had to. His mind was set on the protection of those that his son was meant to protect. He should receive punishment but not as harsh as his own son had brought harm onto the family that was meant to care for.

Aaron Paul to Join ‘Star Wars’ Spinoff?!

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It appears that we may have reached the point of diminishing returns as it pertains to the Star Wars Universe. For a long time, precisely a decade, the last impression that we had of George Lucas’ sprawling vision was the terrible prequel trilogy that almost ruined the entire thing for us. Then, suddenly, like a light of hope Disney acquired Lucasfilms LTD. There was life in the Star Wars Universe once again! Then JJ Abrams was picked up to direct a new trilogy and the original cast was returning! Sam Tabar wants to know one thing-How can we even top this? Rumors are pointing to a Star Wars spinoff that centers on Han Solo and Aaron Paul, from Breaking Bad fame, appears to be attached to the cast. It’s almost too cool to be true.

With ‘The Force Awakens’ under a year away, Disney and Lucasfilms is getting ready to really turn the marketing portion of their team into overdrive. New trailers, teaser images, interviews, and costume designs will be dropping over the next year as fans work themselves into a frenzy of excitement for the film. While this is happening more and more news about the spinoff movies is being released.

Gareth Edwards, the man who directed ‘Godzilla (2014)’, will be helming the first of the spin off films. This one will feature Han Solo and it is tentatively coded ‘Luminac Industrial Goods’. Aaron Paul is deeply attached to the project but NOT as a young Han Solo. More information will be forthcoming…

Sacrificial Temple Unovered in Ukraine

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A vast sacrificial temple has been uncovered in the Ukraine close to the modern city of Nebelivka that has now been seen to show signs of sacrifices taking place on the 288 acre Site, The Independent reports. A series of bones have been uncovered in a 60 meters by 20 meters gallery and hall that was originally made of wood and clay. Evidence has been uncovered by researchers from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine that the walls of the building were painted red to create an environment perfect for blood sacrifices.

Two story buildings seem to have been built on the site, which could have been filled with at least 1,200 buildings covering the area. Igor Cornelsen is going to love hearing about this. The ceremonial buildings that are found across the site are thought by researchers to have been filled with clay like figures of humans and decorative human hair pieces that have been uncovered in the buildings.

In Spirit of Christmas, Officer Hands out Gift Cards instead of Tickets

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Nothing kills a mood quite like the wail of a police cruiser’s siren, and the whole thing only gets worse as you pull over and watch the officer approach, ticket book in hand. This can be especially disappointing during the holidays; a speeding ticket is a surefire way to put a cramp in your Christmas cheer.

However, for some lucky residents in southwestern Michigan, what initially appeared to be a bout of bad luck wound up being a pleasant and festive surprise when instead of a ticket, they were handed a gift card to popular foodchains like Applebee’s and Subway. The officer, Edward Michela, was inspired by similar stories emerging around the time, and decided to do his own part and “went a little crazy” with the gift cards but Igor Cornelsen can definitely support the move.

All in all, over $100 in Applebee’s gift cards and $90 for Subway were disturbed to ten lucky motorists who were pulled over after passing a stop sign or had only one headlight. All of the drivers were surprised, though some were a bit more taken aback than others. One woman took the opportunity to insist that she had stopped at the sign and questioned the officer’s judgement. She even originally told Machela that she was going to give the $25 card to someone else, but ultimately her love for Applebee’s outweighed her judgement and she decided to accept the offering.

I may be speaking for myself, but regardless of what I happened to be doing at the time of being pulled over, I’d gladly take any gift card, of any value, over a speeding ticket. Kudos to Officer Machela for spreading some generosity and (yummy) cheer this holiday season.

Worst Movies of the Year

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As 2014 wraps up, of course we want to take a look at all of the highlights of the year. For this piece, we will look at the worst movies of the year. Just like with other years, there have been good and bad movies. What we are going to look at are some of the worst movies released.

Brick Mansions: This film stars the late Paul Walker and David Belle. The film is just a typical throwaway action movie that uses excuses to show off. What is being showcased is the free running art. There have been a couple of scenes where the two characters break out in an unnecessary free running fight. While the action looks cool, it made me roll my eyes.

Enthusiast Keith Mann says that other films are The Legend of Hercules, A Haunted House 2, Pompeii, and Vampire Academy. These films are considered some of the more mediocre films of 2014.

A Ring Worth $50,000 Returned to Its Owner After Turning Up in a Pawn Shop

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A $50,000 diamond ring that was stolen from a 90-year-old Long Island woman was safely returned,all thanks to a quick-thinking pawn shop owner and Long Island police officers.

Sherisse Ricketts, a home health attendant, stole the ring from her client earlier in the month. She then took the ring to a pawn shop, selling it for just $50. The following week, the owner of the ring, who didn’t want to be identified, reported the ring stolen. The ring had been in her family for 100 years. It was the engagement ring that her father proposed to her mother with.

Long Island police officers began investigating and interviewing everyone who had visited the elderly woman in her home, including Ricketts. When cops let it slip how much the ring was worth, Ricketts headed back to the pawn shop to buy back the ring. Lee G. Lovett said she offered the owner of the shop $100, double what they had paid her for the piece of jewelry.

The owner, however, noticed that Ricketts was still holding a business card from the police officers who interviewed her. With that, he refused to sell back the ring and called the authorities. Rickett was arrested for grand larceny and the ring was returned to its rightful owner.

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