Social Media for Online Reputation Management

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Everything going on in the world, you will find it on social media. It is no wonder that companies seeking to improve their online reputation are targeting it at large. You have to know how to make social media work for you- Besides, it is a free tool and the only thing you have to do is be strategic and be willing to use your time. Instead of using privacy settings and preventing people from seeing what you have to offer, you can actually tune your social media account so that it works in favor of your online reputation. Here is how you can use social media to build, maintain and repair your online reputation.

Build a Reward System on Social Media

If you want to be successful on social media, you have to be willing to reward people. Check out for great reviews or posts that are creative and standout. Reward the same with discounts and offers. This is helpful in two ways. First, people will never forget the gesture. Secondly, search engines will recognize you.

Be Active

Being active means that you are constantly posting articles via your social media accounts. Being consistent will place a certain command on you and people will feel motivated to follow you. Besides, people follow you for what you post and the consistency of your posts.

Be Careful About Tagging

Tagging might seem like a very small issue, but it could ruin you. If you are tagged by a company or individual who has a poor reputation, this will ruin your reputation too. Therefore, it is important that you ask to be informed before someone can tag you.

Search Yourself

It will cost you nothing to google yourself over the popular search engines. Furthermore, if you are to start building a reputation over social media, you need to know what people are saying about you. This will prepare you for the action that you need to take using the various social media platforms.


Eric Lefkofsky’s New Book “ccelerated Disruption” Looks at the Lighting Pace of Business Today

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Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a new start-up that aims to revolutionize the way doctors practice medicine. The idea behind Tempus is to create smart tools that learn from the patients who came before, so that doctors can use this real-time information to treat patients more effectively, leading to better outcomes. Lefkofksy is also the Director of Lightbank, an equity fund that specializes in disruptive technologies. In addition, he is a co-founder and serves as CEO of social commerce giant Groupon, as well as Echo Logistics and NYC media consulting form Mediaocean. In all, the companies that Lefkosfky has helped found are worth in excess of $1 billion. Check for more posts.


Eric Lefkofsky is also the author of a book entitled Accelerated Disruption, in which he ponders the nature of disruptive businesses and how their effects can be nurtured and harnessed. The problem, according to Lefkofsky, is that although disruption happens every day as people figure out how to do certain things better, their competitive advantage will evaporate as technology and the business environment change. The challenge for start-ups is to stay relevant and not be a victim of further disruption and ever-changing market conditions. In this book, Lefkosfky shows would-be entrepreneurs how to choose the industries that are ripe for innovation, how your customers are really the best research and development team you can find, and how to discretely test a disruptive idea.

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A graduate of the University of Michigan and University of Michigan Law School, Eric Lefkofsky is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. In addition, he sits on the boards of several institutions, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Steppenwolf Theater, Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, and the Museum of Science and Industry. He also serves as a trustee of World Business Chicago.

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Doug Levitt’s “The Greyhound Diaries” Gives Ordinary Americans a National Voice

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Doug Levitt is an American singer-songwriter and a former London-based foreign correspondent. Ten years ago, he began riding Greyhound buses in America to gather stories, pictures, and songs of passengers. Levitt’s many encounters brought him close to people who are struggling to survive. He spoke out in a show about his ongoing “Greyhound Diaries” project, which is the primary material source for several EP recordings and a web series. The reason behind his efforts to put together and exhibit the project was because he wanted to render a complete portrayal of how low-income Americans lived.


Levitt’s Journey and the Birth of the Greyhound Diaries


According to Levitt, leaving behind his correspondence work to explore the U.S. on Greyhound buses was a personal choice. His work in journalism exposed him to the deplorable living conditions that many people faced, but their stories never reached the limelight. After returning to the United States of America from London, he decided to take up his childhood music passion. He bought a Greyhound bus ticket and embarked on a ten-year journey.


Doug Levitt revealed that his childhood years in Washington D.C exposed him to various societies and cultures. His mother, a councilwoman, exposed the young Levitt to politics and inspired his present civic nature. He has reiterated that traveling on the Greyhound bus lines has allowed him to grow as a person and experience what average Americans went through on a daily basis.


Doug Levitt


Levitt is the last born child of David Schwartz and Carol Schwartz – a former Washington, D.C., City Council member. He attended D.C’s Woodrow Wilson High School. He received a Fulbright Scholarship and got his Masters in International Relations at London School of Economics.


At the age of 16, his father committed suicide; the incident later contributed toward his artistic journey. Levitt dropped his journalism career to become a singer-songwriter. After relocating to Nashville, he collaborated with David Henry, an Americana producer recognized for producing records for Josh Rousse, Guster, and Yo La Tengo. Henry and Levitt formed a long-term collaboration and worked on the Greyhound Diaries together.

Lime Crime: Providing Innovative Beauty Ideas and Concepts

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With plans to reform the general public’s conception of beauty, creative entrepreneur Doe Deere established a revolutionary cosmetic company. Labeled as Lime Crime, this one of a kind company pushes its very own identity on pure beauty.

Lime Crime was designed to give all consumers a free expression of self. Originally established in 2008, the company has since grown into one of the most notable and recognized brands in cosmetics. The unique colors and edgy products has helped propel the company into new heights.

The 100% vegan and cruelty free make up company has now become the leading face in youthful cosmetics. Networking heavily on social media platforms, Lime Crime has developed a cult following among consumers.

Lime Crime is one of the first digitally based cosmetic companies available. The trend setting company uses an array of unique names such as Unicorn Lipstick and Velvetines, setting itself apart from other make up companies.

The innovative company has never strayed from its original ideology. Believing consumers should have colors and products as diverse as their personality, Lime Crime was created to offer the best available cosmetics possible. The young company has managed to develop a long standing partnership with some of the biggest names in fashion. Lime Crime can be seen in Urban Outfitters, Naimies’s and Glow Store as well. Spreading its message worldwide, consumers from all around the globe can now access these unique and innovative products. Placing beauty in the hands of its consumers, Lime Crime prides itself on following the path of its fans. Whether you’re headed out for a fun date or searching for the ideal Halloween make up, Lime Crime delivers the most diverse range of lipstick and make up.

Lime Crime has been in the Cosmetic industry for many years. They offer unique and innovative products at a very affordable cost. Lime Crime was originally created by Doe Deere back in 2008.


Just two weeks before Halloween in 2008 Doe Deere released her bright colorful makeup line named Lime Crime cosmetics. She released her products into a market that was lacking in bright expressive colors. Instantly her fun vibrant colors were a hit and women and even men all over the world were drawn to the bright fun colors that Lime Crime had to offer.


After the first year or two Doe Deere decided to recreate her packaging and offer unique and creative packaging. She went on to release one of her most iconic items which was the Unicorn lipstick. The Unicorn lipstick is still extremely popular today and is sold all over the world. The Unicorn lipstick is available in a pink shimmery lipstick tube and comes in a large variety of fun and interesting colors. The Unicorn lipstick is available in colors such as green, black, pink and even yellow.


Over the years Deere has also released other iconic products such as her matte velvetines. The matte velvetines are a unique and one-of-a-kind product that offers a liquid smooth lipstick that dries to a nice smooth matte finish. The matte velvetines are kiss proof as well as touch proof and offer long-lasting power. They are extremely pigmented and come in a large variety of fun colors.


Throughout the company’s history Lime Crime has also offered fun products such as liquid eyeliners and duo eyeshadow. Till this day they are committed to offering some of the most unique and creative products on the market. One of the most unique things about Lime Crime is each and every single one of their products are 100% vegan as well as cruelty free. Their products are backed by Peta as well as Leaping Bunny which are two of the biggest animal agencies in the world. Everyday Doe Deere and Lime Crime work to offer the best products for people and the environment.

Lime Crime has had a reputation over the last nine years for developing makeup products for millennials committed to freedom of self-expression. Founder and CEO Doe Deere’s creative vision of whimsical and bright cosmetics has influenced beauty industry giants and makeup bloggers alike.


Lime Crime’s newest release has already proven itself as a hit. “Scandal,” the newest addition to Lime Crime’s Velvetines line, is a deep and moody violet. The Velvetines line was formulated by Deere as a cosmetic interpretation of rose petals. This liquid lipstick dries into a matte finish with a texture that is as velvety as flower petals. Velvetines shades come in various deep reds and purples.


In addition to its beautiful finish and color, fans are excited about this new lipstick because the Velvetines formula has proven to be exceptional. This is one lipstick that really stays put. Beauty bloggers have noted how Velvetines lipsticks are completely smudge-proof and “kiss-proof.”


When asked about the new shade, Deere let it be known that this product is made for people who consider themselves to be rock stars. The dark purple color pairs well with some thick black liquid eyeliner and lots of attitude.


“Scandal,” like all of Lime Crime’s makeup products, isn’t just a copycat of what the other cosmetics brands are doing. Instead, the color is inspired by Deere’s own fantasy-filled imagination.


Lime Crime has established itself as a major trendsetter in the beauty industry. Instead of following fleeting fads, the company dictates what’s in and what’s out. One thing that has been consistent with Deere’s products is their boldness. Lime Crime makeup isn’t for the faint of heart. Rather, the brand’s loyal followers fearlessly cover their lips in iridescent glitter and line their eyes in bright, unconventional colors. Lime Crime customers aren’t afraid of getting some attention in the name of unapologetic self-expression.


Animal lovers should also take note that, like all of Lime Crime’s products, “Scandal” is completely vegan and cruelty-free. Doe Deere is an animal lover and does not allow animals to be harmed in any way during the manufacturing of Lime Crime products.


Like all of the products plucked from Deere’s fun and whimsical imagination, there’s no doubt that “Scandal” will be a trendsetting lipstick for the year to come.


Traveling Vineyard Brings Wines To Consumers Through Independent Consultants

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The process of selecting wine can be a very daunting task for people that may not have any insight on the wine that is available. It is going to be highly important for some people that have parties on a regular basis to have some of the best wines for their friends and family. An independent wine consultant from the Traveling Vineyard may be the best source of information for narrowing down the selection process.

What many people have discovered was that they were not even aware of some wines that existed. These consumers decided to demystify the wine tasting process by independent wine consultants from the Traveling Vineyard. These are professionals that attend conferences and learn about a lot of different types of wines. They have the ability to have these parties in their homes and gain customers that are interested in becoming regular patrons of wine.

The great thing about the Traveling Vineyard is that there are so many opportunities for people to become independent consultants. They can host wine parties and actually set up forms on Facebook to host. There are also websites like the Tasting Room for consultants that are trying to learn about wine. It is a common misconception that a consultant would have to be a ferocious wine consumer in order to sell the wine. That is not true. Wine sales consultants do not have to the connoisseurs of wine in order to be proficient in selling it.

The Harvest Award ceremony is where a lot of these independence consultants come together and get recognized for their efforts. They also get the opportunity to connect with other consultants and gain ideas about how they can host parties to secure clients. This is one of the best times of the year for these consultants to connect with others and build a support system. In many cases independent consultant that rises to the top in her region will take the time to build a team of consultants. This gives them the ability to branch out and mentor new consultants that are just coming into the business.

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Vincent Parascandola:AXA Executive And Industry Veteran

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French multinational insurance firm AXA offers a wide range of services. They include investment management, global insurance and many other financial services. Founded in 1817, the company is headquartered in Paris. While most of its clients are in the Asia Pacific region, Western Europe, the Middle East, and North America, it also has a presence in Africa. For 8 consecutive years AXA has been ranked number one worldwide. In 2016 the value of the brand increased 14%. The company is a group of independently owned and operated businesses and is traded on the stock market index Euro Stoxx 50.

Because of its ownership terms and corporate control it has over global financial stability, AXA is considered second most powerful among transitional corporations. Only Barclays wields more power. Originally called Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie, the name was changed to AXA in 1985 after the acquisition of Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie and the Drouot Group. It also took over The Equitable, the American insurance company, France’s largest insurer, Union des Assurances De Paris, UK’s Guardian Royal Exchange and the Winterthur Group the leading insurance company in Switzerland.

The name AXA was chosen because it conveys vitality, is short and snappy, and pronounced the same way in every language.

Vincent Paracandola is AXA Advisors senior executive vice president. A graduate of Pace University, he has worked in the industry for over 25 years. At AXA Advisors Parascandola is in charge of recruiting, sales, management development, productivity, retention as well as developing both experienced and new financial professionals. In 1987 he began his career as an agent with Prudential and was voted National Rookie of the Year. Parascandola joined MONY Life Insurance Company three years later. While there he worked in several regional and local field management positions. He was hired by AXA Advisors in 2004.

At AXA Parascandola was president of The Advantage Group and co-manager of AXA’s 400 financial professionals at their New York Metro branch before becoming divisional president. His excellent leadership skills have earned him numerous management awards. They include GAMA’s Master Agency and Career Development awards.

Learning About The Wessex Institute Of Technology

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Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the south of England. The institute’s goal is to facilitate a series of knowledge trans mechanisms primarily between academics and industry professionals. They accomplish this goal by holding conferences around the world, publishing, and research. The Chairman of the Wessex Institute is Professor Carlos Brebbia and the board of directors is made up of 14 professors at other educational facilities.

Wessex is partnered with several universities for research projects and receives research funding from other research and industry organizations. The conferences that Wessex holds are held around the world and are about a diverse set of topics. Among the 2016 conferences they held ones on Islamic heritage architecture and art, waste management and the environment, and flood risk management and response. WIT Press, the institute’s publishing arm, publishes journals, specialized research monographs, edited works, as well as about the conferences the institute holds.  Based on



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Jose Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe agency and also a Brazilian advertising Guru in the advertising industry .He is a graduate of PUC-Campinas with a degree in advertising and propaganda .He has been on the limelight in campaigns concerning advertisement like Mammal of Parmalat this uprising is still fresh in the citizens of Brazil.

After school Borghi didn’t waste time he immediately jumped to his career way back in 1989 at an agency called Standart Ogivily. With an ideas of starting his own advertising agency in mind he worked hard on his job but realized his potential later and at an absolute zero state Borghi didn’t give up he knew hard to achieve his goals

Jose realized his dream at early point he started making efforts towards achieving his goals he knew that nobody or anything was going to help him succeed it was only through hard work perseverance was his anthem at the time.

Through his commitment and dedication to his work Borghi has been awarded by the accreditation from different institutions .Andre Gomes and Jose Borghi are the CEO’s of the company. Of recent the company has received praises from international markets and domestic markets and the of late have collaborated with Lowe group and Mullen agency to make their service better and enlarge its services even closer to the clients,giving it its new name Mullen Lowe Brasil.

It’s important to realize that nothing comes in silver platter every shiny thing around is worked for dedication commitment and humility is the great virtues which can help you achieve your goals. for more.

Chris Burch Gradual Growth in Fashion Field

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Chris Burch was the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Chris Burch has thirteen investments which he had invested in twelve companies. He was born on March 28, 1953, at Miami location. Chris Burch is an active investor in various businesses working with many companies and is the founder of the luxury fashion brand, Tory Burch. During his professional experience, Chris Burch has mostly been consecrated to the field of branding. Furthermore, he has been dedicated in financial services technology, hospitality, customer products, marketing, and sales to business interests spanning apparel.

Currently, he is the owner of the non-profit making Nahiwitu located at Nihi in Simbaland. Nahawitu has a fantastic and a unique tale that began during the landing of Sumba’s ancestors many years ago on its secluded beach. In the year 1988, the same beach attracted the explorer Petra Graves and Claude in search of the perfect wave. This adventure led to the emerging of an aim to establish a resort that would retain and spread the attracting beauty of Sumba, and the people would appreciate it. The early settlers named Nihiwatu beach, which meant the mortar stone because of its isolated rock formation along the tide.

As the founder of the Burch Creative Capital, Chris Burch applied his entrepreneurial skills and his aim for new market opportunities to set along sound financial practices, businesses, and support from other employees. His efforts led to a great change as the firm took a good pace in the field of development and modern technology advancement. Mr Christopher Burch has taken part in the rise of more than 60 companies during his 30 years career as an entrepreneur, and he has built an excellent record in innovation due to combining of his international one to one experience.

Creative Capital is a good representation of Chris Burch’s hard work and believes that being successful in investing involves lots of creativity. He advised other investors not only to be looking for the already established investments but also innovate and attract new ones as entrepreneurs do. He believed in passion, creativity, self-esteem, and the insights to create value in business. The Burch Creative Capital Company is currently giving support to the development of different life standards, mobile device and industrial technology, various consumer products brands depending on the retail, apparel, and home furnishings to the hospitality.

Chris Burch as an entrepreneur has also assisted many other people to succeed in the business field, and also equip them with managerial skills which play a great role in their core life.


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Born into a family dedicated to their community, Betsy DeVos has carried on their legacy through her involvement in a variety of philanthropic organizations. Born in Holland, Michigan, Betsy was raised by Edgar and Elsa Prince. Her father, a successful businessman, also founded the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation which donates to churches, schools, and many other community activities. Betsy, much like her father, has been dedicated to enriching her community through improving education, the arts, and other philanthropic work.


Betsy became involved with The Potter’s House school in Grand Rapids, MI, after looking into schools for her own children. Upon learning that many families, because of financial hardships, struggled so their children could attend the school, she set up scholarships to help ease their financial burden. Knowing that this problem was country wide and not feeling that scholarships were enough, she joined the boards of “Children First America” and “America Education Reform Council” whose focus has been to expand school choice through tax credits and vouchers. Since then, she has dedicated herself to giving her community and country a voice for educational reform. In addition to sitting on several boards where school choice is paramount, Betsy has been instrumental in expanding charter schools through the Great Lakes Education Project. This led to the start of the American Federation for Children, an advocacy group for school choice. A board member of Foundation For Excellence since 2012, Betsy believes that parents know what is best for their children and she helps to provide the recourses they need to make informed decisions about their child’s education.

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Another passion Betsy DeVos has is for Artprize, which was founded by her son, Rick, in 2009. Artprize is a community/global event that draws thousands of artists each year. Their work is judged by the public and by professionals. The goal is to encourage people to have a civil discourse over what is, and is not, art. They believe that art puts people and their opinions on an equal playing field; there is no right or wrong way to look at art. This event draws thousands of people into the Grand Rapids community each year. Another way Betsy supports her community is through Project Clarity. The idea for Project Clarity came about after Betsy and her husband noticed an abundance of algae growing in Lake Macatawa. Knowing the devastating effects this algae could cause, they coordinated with others in their community to clean it up. The effort to clean up Lake Macatawa and the Macatawa watershed is an intensive project that is expected to take up to 12 years and 12 million dollars to complete.

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