Securus Video Visitation: A Win-Win

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Securus Technologies has come out with this really interesting innovation. Some of you reading this are going to roll your eyes and say that we should be tougher on inmates. I don’t think we should be any tougher. Studies suggest that prisoners who are treated humanely and are allowed to talk to their families are much less likely to commit new crimes upon their release. This makes Video Visitation by Securus Technologies a public safety product.


This innovation does all sorts of positive things for the inmates and their families. Oftentimes, families must drive all the way across state in order to visit their prisoner. The cost of physical visitation can add up, and there is a cost in time to consider. Many family members must skip out on work to join the caravan to the prison. It becomes a double whammy, the travel costs money and the travel prevents you from making more money.


Some of you might not want to hear this. You’re the type that thinks we should throw the book at criminals. If you are this type of person, you should still be a fan of video visitation technology by Securus because of the benefits to law enforcement.


Securus records all calls going into and out of a prison that the service. This includes video visitation. Securus helps law enforcement to search this digital database of recorded calls with a software innovation that is off the charts. This proprietary software searches the entire database for a particular vocal signature. Law enforcement can reach back into a massive archive to find a needle in a haystack. This innovation really helps law enforcement pursue criminals and stop crimes before they happen.


Whether you are a fan of what this technology does for prisoners and their families, or you are a fan of what it does for law enforcement, you have to like this innovation.


Sapphire Engagement Rings Are Exciting and Elegant

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In recent years, sapphire engagement rings have become very popular with couples around the world. Brilliant and colorful, sapphires exude a sense of elegance and excitement that can’t be matched. Sapphires provide a vibrant symbol for a couple’s commitment to each other, and they are quite noticeable by other people.

The sapphire gemstone is usually blue in color, but several other colors of the stone are also available. Sapphire engagement rings that contain unusually colored sapphires are particularly in-demand these days. There are yellow sapphires, pink sapphires, and green sapphires, as well as purple, and padparadscha varieties.

Padparadscha sapphires are salmon or peach-colored gemstones that are highly treasured all over the world. This variety of sapphire comes in a range of hues, from pale peach to a vivid pink.

Since 1939, the Natural Sapphire Company has been the leading source of rare, untreated sapphires. The professional gemologists at this well-respected company specialize in untreated sapphires, which are generally far more valuable than commercially treated sapphires.

The Natural Sapphire Company makes direct purchases of rough sapphires from responsible miners. By cutting the stones in their own lapidary factory, the company eliminates the need for a middleman, which translates to lower prices for their customers. This ethical company also only works with sapphires that are from environmentally responsible, non-violent countries.

Although diamond engagement rings are still chosen by some couples, engagement rings featuring a combination of sapphires and diamonds are now increasingly being chosen. The contrast between diamonds and sapphires is very attractive, and the rings usually retain their value well.

The Natural Sapphire Company offers you the option of custom building your own jewelry designs with any of their stones, or purchasing just a stone alone.

No matter what size or style you choose, a sapphire engagement ring is always a good choice.

Highland Capital And The Family Place

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The Family Place is an organization long supported by James Dondero and the company he co-founded Highland Capital Management. The Family Place is located in Dallas, Texas and is the leading organization in the area for victims of family violence. Recently James Dondero announced his firm had awarded a $1 million challenge grant to help raise funds for the eventual expansion of The Family Place. The Highland Dallas Foundation, the philanthropic branch of Highland Capital Management will oversee the grant by matching 50% of any donations received before April 4, 2017. Their goal is to raise the last $2.8 million for its Family Place Legacy Campaign in the next six months.

The Dallas Mayor in conjunction with the Chief of Police has noted the need for more facilities to aid victims of this life-threatening issue. The Legacy Campaign will support the construction of the new Central Dallas Counseling Center, to be called Ann Moody Place in honor of Ann Moody. The new facility will provide thirteen bedrooms, a dental and medical clinic, hotline, counseling services for children and adults, and job training programs. James Dondero and Highland Capital Management are proud to be a part of this effort, serving alongside other generous and thoughtful members of the community.

James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, (HCM) is one of the country’s largest investment adviser firms, serving clients from every part of the world. Highland Capital has a customer base that includes corporations, financial institutions, high-net-worth individuals, and governments. Today (HCM) and its affiliates have $16 billion in assets under their management.

James Dondero graduated, with honors, from the University of Virginia and the McIntire School of Commerce where he majored in Accounting and Finance. He is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, and a Chartered Financial Analyst. He brings over thirty years experience to the financial credit markets. James Dondero also serves on the Board Of Directors of several large companies and is the Chairman Of The Board for several of them.

Recognized for his outstanding work James has received many awards and accolades, winning the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities, and Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation in 2014. James Dondero continues his philanthropic work with The Family Place project.

John Goullet: Building the Future of Diversant, LLC

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Diversant LLC offer staffing services including Information Technology to most Fortune 500 companies in the United States. The company also provides staffing solutions to most medium companies in the country. This company offers a broad range of solutions and services to including staffing Augmentations for Information Technology, design staffing, contingent, temporary, and the direct hire solutions for permanent solutions and several contracts. Moreover, the firm also engages in veteran programs and minority business enterprises. Diversant LLC also gives opportunities to numerous job-seekers to choose from a wide assortment of database administrators, application and mobile technology, creative designers, networking administrators, project managers and much more.

Diversant LLC is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. In years, the company has grown at a double rate. It is one of the fastest growing Information Technology Companies. This is a clear indication of the company’s capability and effectiveness to handle any business situation to provide the necessary solution. For the company to provide its solutions, it has developed a consultative approach to developing solutions. The company views its consultants and business and customers as their business associates. For this reason, the company struggles to associate customers from their models of activities. While the name suggests their deeper meaning, the company promotes unity in diversity in all aspects of strategic solution development.

One of the principals of Diversant LLC is John Goullet. He was incepted into the company when it merged with Diversant. In 1994, Goullet established the company as one of the major solutions providers in Information Technology Services. While most of the Fortune 500 companies are growing at a fast rate, Diversant LLC is on the loose to acquire massive adoption among the companies.

John Goullet is a serial entrepreneur based in the United States. He has led the rise of numerous businesses in Information Technology Industry. Before developing Diversant LLC, he worked as an Information Technology Consultant. He has also rendered his services to companies including TSR Consultants, 3D Information Services, and Costello group. With his vast knowledge in market trend in the industry, John Goullet led to the rise of the Info Technologies Company in the 90s.

Additional Sources:

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An Insight On James Dondero

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According to The Dallas Journals, James Dondero is the co-founder and president of HCM (Highland Capital Management). He is currently living in Dallas Texas. Dondero has vast experience in the credit and equity markets. James is mostly focused on high-yielding and distressed investing.

Highland Capital Management is a Sec-registered investment adviser. Highland Capital Management and its affiliates hold about 16% billion worth of assets together. Dondero is also the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and CCS Medical. He is a board member of the American Banknote and MGM studios.

Highland Capital Management focuses on credit strategies that include separate accounts, credit hedge funds, special situation, and distressed private equity. The client base for Highlands includes foundations, public pension plans, financial institutions, and individuals with high-net worth.

James is an active philanthropist who supports initiatives in education, public policy, and veteran’s affairs. He started his career as an analyst in 1984. James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with highest honors from McIntire School of Commerce. He also got dual majors in accounting and finance.

James Dandero was appointed to the Executive Board of SMU (Southern Methodist University) Cox School of Business in November 2016. James said he was honored to help in the great initiatives and numerous growths which are currently underway.

His new position as a board member strengthens the company’s existing strong commitment to Southern Methodist University according to PR Newswire. James Dondero says that the SMU Cox School plays a role in the vibrant business community in Dallas. Highland Capital Management is one of the beneficiaries.

The Executive Board of the Southern Methodist University Cox School comprises of approximately one hundred appointed members. The majority of these board members are non-academics who offer advice on the business school’s strategy.

The Executive Board of SMU Cox School holds meetings three times every year. The meetings are held during winter, spring and fall. Cox School was established in 1920 on the Southern Methodist University’s campus. The Cox School was named in honor of benefactor Edwin L. Cox. The business school offers a variety of high ranked graduate and undergraduate business education programs, an alumni network that is active, and centers of excellence.

Achieve Your Potential with Kabbalah

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Chances are if you follow the news or celebrity gossip at all, you have at least heard of Kabbalah. But what exactly is it? Kabbalah is an ancient wisdom that helps its students understand how the universe works and see their role in it. It is based on the Jewish faith but students do not have to know anything about Judaism to study it. In fact, Kabbalah is more of a spiritual supplement than a religion in and of itself.


The word Kabbalah literally translates to “to receive.” This makes sense because students of Kabbalah learn how to achieve and receive true fulfillment in their lives. Often we wonder why things are not going our way in life. Kabbalah teaches us that positivity and kindness towards others can help stop this chaotic, stressful lifestyle pattern. As a student of Kabbalah, you will learn how everything in the universe is connected and how you can achieve real fulfillment through this understanding.


Since its founding by Phillip and Karen Berg, the Kabbalah Centre has been serving students in over 50 locations around the world. Today the nonprofit organization’s headquarters are located in Los Angeles, but major branches are also located in New York City, London, and Toronto. Their goal is to bring the Light of Kabbalah to people of all ethnicities and backgrounds in countries around the world through events, books, lectures, private study with rabbis, and online courses.


A number of celebrities are known to be students at the Kabbalah Centre. The most widely known of these is singer and actress Madonna, who regularly studies with a personal rabbi. She has even changed parts of her lifestyle (like not performing on Friday nights) to coincide with Kabbalah’s teachings. Other stars who have been associated with the Kabbalah Centre include Ariana Grande, Lucy Liu, James Van Der Beek, Demi Moore, and Lindsay Lohan.


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Magnises was founded by Billy McFarland who is one of the most successful American entrepreneurs. The Magnises Black Card was launched on March 1, 2014, while the company was founded in August 2013. He has build two companies namely Spling and Magness. Billy started his business career at the early age of 13 with a small business that matched its clients with the required designers. The advertising team of Magnises is very excellent and comprises of various marketing giants like Bill Gray, head of the advertising team of American Express, Lance Weaver, ex – chairman of Master Card.

Magnises Black Card: The Black Card is not technically a credit card because it is not related to any banks or financial institutions. Your current credit or debit card and its data are transferred to the magnetic strip of the Magnises Black Card. Now, this Black card can be used everywhere. However, you can use your debit or credit card also without any problem.

The users of the Magnises Black Card come from various backgrounds and working experiences. The use of Magnises card is currently exclusive to New Yorkers and Washington D.C. people. In the coming years, the company plans to expand the usage to other cities and states of U.S. There is no particular age limit for you to apply for the Black Card. There is also no specific economic criteria for you to own the card.

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Magnises Is The Black Card That Helps Millennials Build The Best Network

To apply for the card, one has to fill up the application form which comes for free. There is only the cost of yearly deposition of $250 for maintaining the membership.


1. More Social Life: Once you become a member user of Magnises Black Card then you get automatically initiated into a significant and an exciting social life. The company takes care of all of your needs, likes, dislikes, lifestyle, health and fitness. There are occasional seminars, events and programs which are organized by the company keeping in mind the needs of their valuable Black Card members at

2. Club House: The clubhouse is located at Greenwich Avenue, West Village. As a cardholder, one can visit the clubhouse at any time of the year. They cal also bring guests for hangouts and meetings. The clubhouse is highly furnished with the basic amenities of indoor games, relaxing area, T.V. and drinks.

In 2016, Bill has come up with various exciting features of the Black Card. The team is working hard in giving the benefit of meeting with new businesses, both online and offline to its users. With the payment of just $99 per month, the cardholders can get access to the co-working facilities at Alley. Magnises has new feature is called Work Pass. There is another feature called Club Pass where with a monthly payment of only $ 65, the users can go to the most exclusive nightclubs of New York. There is a third new feature called Hotel Pass with which the user can stay at the Dream Hotel in New York for just $79 per night. Currently, the total members of Magnises have become 12,000.

Apply for Magnises membership

The Difference That Coworking Spaces Make For Many Workers

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When it comes to providing a better workplace environment, coworking spaces have done that. Coworking spaces are a relatively new phenomena that are starting to take a hold of the workforce at large due to the changes they provide to traditional workplace. Much of the economy is starting to consolidate in the information technology sector, and since many of those jobs can be done remotely, traditional offices are starting to become obsolete. Working from home always has been and always will be an option, but many people find themselves more productive and feeling less isolated when working around peers, and that’s what coworking spaces provide.


You don’t have to show up at your coworking space whenever you need time off for medical appointments or simply vacation time, and you’re usually free to select whichever times you want to work, whether it’s early mornings and afternoons, or evenings and late nights. You do rent your own coworking space (unless you’re a remote worker whose company pays for it), but usually you’re not tied up in a big lease with a long contract. Coworking spaces, in addition to having office equipment such as printers and copiers available, or even furnished offices, could also have coffee shops, spas, gyms, or billiards even in the same building.


Coworking spaces are growing in big cities, and New York City is no exception. Here, you’ll find Workville, a large luxurious NYC coworking space located in central Manhattan not far from Times Square. Here, you can find rental options that fit whatever your business needs are. You can rent spaces in an open lounge, or choose private offices with dedicated desks. You also have mail service, high-speed Wi-Fi, mail service, and 24-7 building access at Workville. There are also conference rooms that can be reserved for important meetings, and if you want to host a company function or private party, you can do that if you reserve ahead of time through the proper authority. If you just want to take a breath of fresh air out on the terraces, you’ll get a great view of the city from Workville. To schedule a tour or find out more about Workville, go to

Michael Zomber, Dedicated Towards Preserving Our History

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Michael Zomber is an internationally recognized historian who is focused on weapon collection from various parts of the whole world. The antique arms and armor collector is also an inter-continentally recognized authority on Japanese samurai swords. Zomber was born in Washington D.C of German immigrant parents who later relocated to New Jersey and later to Pennsylvania. Michael who is a degree holder of several languages and literature studied at Villanova University, Oberlin College and the University of Illinois. Michael strives to work with people who share his passion for preserving history through the collection, sale and most primarily care of the old weapons and Japanese samurai swords.

Zomber is arguably one of the most talented storytellers in the world. Having witnessed several wars in his youthful days, Michael decided to share his experiences with the world through writing. Michael has published six books as well as several other screenplays. He has also done historical novels which include A child of the civil war, Sweet Betsy that’s me, Shogun Iemetsu. Michael has also done a non-fiction work called Jesus and the samurai. He has also partnered with his wife to launch a film production company called the Renascent Films among other projects.

Michael Zomber is a significant contributor on The History Channel. He has shown his expertise and competence as a historian through his invaluable contribution to various series such as the Tales of the Gun as a guest historian. He sheds light on his collection of antique arms and gives a definition of the war each weapon was used, stating on the efficiency of each weapon. Michael gives even a clearer perspective of how weapons were used in the wars in his various writings. His portfolio is complemented by his vast understanding of literature and a rich experience in gun experience. Michael is a unique Author, collector and dealer, philanthropist and filmmaker whose talents have significantly contributed to the preservation of history.

Homeowners Need Good Smart Lighting

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Smart lighting is taking the World by storm and is truly changing the way people are lighting their homes each and every day. Gooee has been one of the best companies for you to make yourself when it comes to switching to Smart lighting all throughout the house. Smart lighting is beneficial because of the fact that it enables you to turn lights on and off from smartphone devices that you might have and this can help you to save lots of money in the long run because you are simply not leaving Lighting on when you are not in the house. This is why so many people have been switching to Gooee smart lighting and are thrilled with the results that come from it.


If you are interested in learning more about Gooee smart lighting ( or would like to implement it in your own home, it is a good idea for you to visit the website so that you can learn as much as possible about this amazing option. This option has been beneficial for a variety of different people and control help you to cut your electricity costs almost by half just by having greater control of the lighting that is in your home. You can turn lights on and off from a smartphone or tablet device even if you are nowhere near the house at all. Be sure to check out Gooee as the company of your choosing when switching to Smart lighting and to see if this is a good option for you as it has been for a lot of other homeowners.

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