Pixar Making Up for Lost Time with ‘Finding Dory’ & ‘Inside Out’

Dec - 16 2014 | By

Though the animation giant is far from forgotten, few words have come from Pixar since the release of their wildly successful blockbuster “Frozen”.

With nothing on the docket in 2014, PIXAR is making up for lost time with two new blockbusters set to be released next year. “Inside Out” and “Finding Dory” promise to thrill movie-goers of all ages, even those at BRL Trust. They’ve given a few details on the plot so people know what to expect when the films get released.

“Inside Out” will focus on Riley, an 11-year old who is trying to adjust to life after moving to San Francisco from the Midwest. The movie will focus on her emotions, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Joy and Disgust.

Riley’s parents will also play a major role in the movie, with their emotions being portrayed as well. The bottom line? It’s a movie about growing up and the hope is that it will entertain both kids and adults.

“Finding Dory,” is of course the long awaited sequel to “Finding Nemo”. In the sequel, it’s Dory who is off on adventure, trying to locate her family. Instead of taking place in the ocean, the movie is set in the Marine Biology Institute of California.


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  1. Christain Mill says:

    Dory discovers that she was born here, before being released into the wild. The movie will contain some of the same lovable characters, as well as introducing some new ones. They can also get the info here if they like.

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