‘Poo No More!

May - 15 2017 | By

You’ve probably heard people decrying the harmful effects of shampoo on your hair, and advocating shampooing less, or not at all, but do you know why? Do you know exactly what shampoo really does to your hair, and why going the no ‘poo route is better for your hair and scalp’s health?Washing your hair daily is actually really bad for it. Shampoo strips the natural oil, called sebum, from your hair in the name of cleanliness, but those oils are actually essential to your hair’s health. The chemical that shampoos use to lather up and cleanse your hair is called sodium laureth sulfate, and it is very effective in getting rid of all the oils in your hair. Unfortunately, it does its job a little too well. When you use a shampoo that has sodium laureth sulfate in it, you get rid of all those healthy oils, which leaves your hair dry and brittle. It also makes your system believe that your hair isn’t getting enough oil, which causes your scalp to overproduce oils, leaving you with greasier hair.

An alternative to these shampoos is called a conditioning cleanser, which is made without the harsh chemicals that strip your hair and begin the greasy cycle. These gentle cleansers help to clean your hair without using the harshness of shampoos. They recondition hair that has been damaged and weakened, and give you the refreshing feeling of a shower and shampoo that dry shampoos lack. Conditioning cleansers leave your hair soft and frizz-free, and are great for women with thicker, frizzier hair, as well as women with finer hair that may be damaged by shampoo.

A very popular conditioning cleanser is WEN by Chaz Dean. The company carries several different cleansers for all different types of hairs, with alluring scents and formulas like lavender, which helps reduce stress that can cause hair loss, sweet almond mint, which is great for thinner hair, cucumber aloe, good for a clarifying and purifying cleanser without stripping oils.

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