Precious and Weird Collections

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While many collect the usual suspects such as playing cards and postage stamps, there are many others who choose to collect more esoteric things. Have you ever known people with weird collections? It seems that collecting fountain pens is a new trend.

It has so many followers that the number of products is smaller than the number of customers. It is not just the average fountain pen that is required. People want either vintage or brand ones.

Items designed by Montblanc or Dunhill can cost as much as $800-$900. Fakes have been spotted though. Yes, imagine that the industry is so developed that there are specialist who can check the authenticity.

The vintage fountain pens are harder to fake because you can’t make an item have that old clumpy look and make it look worn at the same time.Collector Mark Ahn explains their passion for fountain pens is based on the possibility to choose styles of writing, on the fact that they make specific sounds when you write on paper.

The smell of ink can also be found pleasant. In the era of fast technologies, they wan to have the possibility to take it easy.

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