Rocketship Education

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Rocketship Education is a California based chartered non-profit school that works with educators, parents, and community organizations to create conducive learning environment for children from low income families. The school also specializes in teaching English language to students who are preparing for college.

The school was open official in 2007, and since then it has attracted many people’s attention. The method of teaching employed in this institution is what is creating a buzz. They use both the traditional teaching technique with online teaching and computer based instructions to minimize administrative expenditure. The initial tests are highly rated and the heavy dependence on computers and ability to maintain their high test scores is what makes this school great.

In 2013, the Rocketship Education was issued with a Charter by the D.C Public Charter School Board. In this regard, they were permitted to open at least 8 new schools in the District.

The most interesting thing about Rocketship Education is that parents take part in teachers hiring process. Unlike many other learning institutions where many parents don’t know how teachers are hired, here parents are given an opportunity to hire teachers few months before the school opens or classes begin.

So, how does this process works? How do parents take part in teachers hiring process? Perry Stein published an article on the Washington Post early last year explaining how parents participate in this process.

The CEO and co-founder of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith was interviewed by Education Week where he told them that parents have always been involved in every decision that the school makes.

Parents are usually invited when the school is interviewing and hiring new teachers. Actually, it’s the parents who choose the families that will take part in the interviewing of teachers. The school only trains and prepares them to sit on the panel. After the selection, the school can arrange a community meeting where parents are invited to meet the new teachers. It’s therefore not easy for parents and school management to be in a situation where they don’t agree.

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