Rona Borre Built the Better Mousetrap and They Are Coming to See It

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When Rona Borre quit her high-income job with a global staffing company, it seemed to some that it was the wrong move. However, the company had just been sold, and Borre had already broken every sales record the company had, so it was time to strike out on her own.

Borre started Instant Alliance in 2001 from the spare bedroom in her condo in Chicago, and from there everything happened that was good. In six months she had a staff of 50 working for her from a downtown Chicago office, and the future looked bright.

Today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing staffing and recruiting companies in America, and the future is still very bright. Borre is known for her abilities and is in demand as a speaker all over the Chicagoland area while her business continues to boom. People want to know about success, and Borre has had plenty of it to talk about.  To elarn more about Borre, and Instant Alliance, check

Since Borre was a top salesperson with her former company, it stands to reason that she would have trained her account executives in the same way, and she has. Borre is big on establishing a very positive relationship with the top management of the companies for which she is finding candidates. She wants to know everything about the management hierarchy, the corporate culture, why they want specific types of people, and how things work at the company.

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The success rate of this process is unheard of in the staffing industry, as there has been a mere 1 percent attrition rate of placements is all over the past years since the beginning of Instant Alliance. The account execs take the same stance and develop those relationships too. It is no wonder that since word has gotten around, that the results coming from Instant Alliance are phenomenal and should be considered.

Rona Borre holds to the philosophy that when you have a good product, you stick with it, improve it, and market it to the hilt. Borre is very involved in the Chicago business community with leadership roles in such organizations as the Economic Club of Chicago, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Chicago Network.

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