Salvi Rafael- Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Televisa

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     Mexico borders the United States to its north and the Caribbean Sea. The citizens speak Spanish, and a few of them speak English. The literacy level in Mexico is high with an estimated ninety-two percent of the population able to read and write.


The radio market in Mexico is very large, with an estimate of one thousand four hundred regional and local stations and several major owned groups. Some of Mexico’s high-powered stations have access to the attractive U.S market at the border. As early as 1997, there were thirty-one million radios in Mexico receiving broadcasts from several FM stations.

Newspapers and Television

The Mexican newspapers are a reflection of the different political views of the country. Televisa is one of the most popular TV stations in Mexico and has at one point enjoyed the monopoly in the Mexican TV industry. Today, it is one of the major suppliers of Spanish programs in Mexico. The television broadcasting segment offers nationwide broadcasting and produced television shows. The programming service constitutes of programs produced by the broadcasting segment as well as other groups.


Mexico has one of the largest internet markets in Latin America with over fifty-one million internet users. Most of the important publications are available not only in print but also online. There are a number of publications in English for the non-Spanish audience. For example, the news offers all its content in English. The Guadalajara reporter has both national and international news. The Yucatan Times has classifieds for tourists and residents in Yucatan Peninsula and Time Contact features classifieds and events for the Mexican foreign community.

Salvi Rafael is the chief financial officer of Grupo Televisa. He is also the vice president of Financial Planning of Grupo Televisa SA. Salvi Rafael is a board member of four different organizations that are in various industries including Miami Holdings, Proveedor Integral de Precios, Mercado Mexicano de Derivados S.A, and Fs Unit 3007 Inc.

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