Sam Boraie’s Vision To End Poverty In New Jersey Through Property Development

Jan - 16 2017 | By

Sam Boraie is the current vice president of Boraie Development a New Jersey based real estate development company. The company has been in existence for thirty years all of which has offered a variety of services to their clients. In addition to developing property they also manage them and involves in sales and marketing in real estate. The company has grown tremendously over the past years and maintained a clean track record. The company is known in New Jersey and New Brunswick for its engagement in development of various properties which have boosted the economy and improved the city.

The company’s projects in developing buildings and property in New Brunswick is being received well and attracting businessman and small companies to occupying the spaces. This has not only created employment in the city but also boosted the economy in the city and encouraged the local communities to get jobs. As the Vice President, Sam Boraie agrees that the projects the company is engaging in are a stepping stone for the greater things to come for the city. He believes that through these projects, the city will spring back to economic life and change the way the communities have been living in the past years. Moreover, in so doing, the projects will attract investors who will help change the city for good.

Sam Boraie is in charge of devising new strategies that will be used by the company to ensure that their projects run smoothly. Over the past five years, he has ran projects that have succeeded. The buildings have been completed which have attracted celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neill the former National Basketball Player as an investor in the city. The main goal being to touch and change the communities through what they do and to encourage investors so that the city can be restored back.

Sam Boraie strongly believes in changing lives through his work and also works together with Elijah Promise among various charity organizations to ensure that the poverty is completely eradicated in New Jersey. Through developing properties business will boom which will create employment and end poverty and crime in the area.

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