Securus Technologies Protecting Fellow Corrections Officers

Nov - 13 2017 | By

Each day that me and my fellow corrections officers are on the job, I know that I have their backs as they have mine. We have to take better care of each other lately because the inmates not only outnumber us, they are growing increasingly violent towards authority. Many of the inmates that are serving lengthy sentences will not think twice about putting a knife in an officers back because they have nothing to lose and credibility with their inmates to gain. This is a serious problem for me and for my fellow corrections officers.


In an effort to get back control and not allow the inmates the ability to run all over staff, we have had to utilize a few unique pieces of technology recently. It started when we installed new body scanners in the visitor center for being able to identify if anyone on the outside is smuggling in things like drugs or weapons for the inmates. Then we decided it was time to get a better listen to what the inmates are saying on the prison phones, so we reached out to Securus Technologies to help update our monitoring system.


Securus Technologies is leading the charge for state prisons across the country to lock down their security. Their inmate call monitoring systems are already in thousands of these jails, and the CEO of the company says that the objective of his employees is making this world safer. The LBS software is the key to the new system, allowing my fellow officers to get back to doing what we do best while it scans the calls inmates are making and will alert officers if anything related to drugs, weapons, or gang issues are discussed. Now we feel like we have the technology working on our side and finally giving us the ability to once again level that playing field.


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