Social Media for Online Reputation Management

Mar - 24 2017 | By

Everything going on in the world, you will find it on social media. It is no wonder that companies seeking to improve their online reputation are targeting it at large. You have to know how to make social media work for you- Besides, it is a free tool and the only thing you have to do is be strategic and be willing to use your time. Instead of using privacy settings and preventing people from seeing what you have to offer, you can actually tune your social media account so that it works in favor of your online reputation. Here is how you can use social media to build, maintain and repair your online reputation.

Build a Reward System on Social Media

If you want to be successful on social media, you have to be willing to reward people. Check out for great reviews or posts that are creative and standout. Reward the same with discounts and offers. This is helpful in two ways. First, people will never forget the gesture. Secondly, search engines will recognize you.

Be Active

Being active means that you are constantly posting articles via your social media accounts. Being consistent will place a certain command on you and people will feel motivated to follow you. Besides, people follow you for what you post and the consistency of your posts.

Be Careful About Tagging

Tagging might seem like a very small issue, but it could ruin you. If you are tagged by a company or individual who has a poor reputation, this will ruin your reputation too. Therefore, it is important that you ask to be informed before someone can tag you.

Search Yourself

It will cost you nothing to google yourself over the popular search engines. Furthermore, if you are to start building a reputation over social media, you need to know what people are saying about you. This will prepare you for the action that you need to take using the various social media platforms.


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