Spider-man in Captain America:Civil War

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Sony pictures was recently hacked by an unnamed attacker and many Sony e-mails have been coming out. One of the e-mails had to do with the upcoming Marvel movie, Captain America Civil War.
Apparently, Marvel has wanted to add Spider-man to its movie empire for several years now and was using the new Captain America movie as a chance to bring the webbed crusader to the Marvel world. Spider-man was extremely important to the Civil War storyline in the comic books and it appears that Marvel had an equally important role for him in the movie version of the story. Sony did not agree to the deal.
Sony has been struggling with what to do with Spider-man ever since “Amazing Spider-man 2” struggled at the box office. Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez doesn’t know what they exactly have planned. The web slinger has been a part of the Sony empire for more than a decade. Sony pitched a trilogy of Spider-man films to be developed at Marvel and distributed by Sony recently, but those conversations did not go anywhere.


Sony pictures plans on holding a summit to decide the fate of the Spider-man universe in January. Hopefully, more answers will come out of that summit.

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