The Inevitable Minecraft Movie Hits A Stumbling Block

Dec - 16 2014 | By

Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun. If we didn’t let a pun through once in awhile, our staff would get writer’s block. There, we did it again, we just can’t block them out. Anyway, plans for the upcoming Minecraft movie have hit a roadblock as Shawn Levy has turned down the offer to direct.

Not that he doesn’t dig the premise, but he feels that he’s not the right person to mine this media franchise. The block-buster game has become one of the most popular entertainment franchises ever, with a fan base branching to both young and old alike. However, the structure of the game, which is an open-world sandbox where literally anything can happen, doesn’t lend itself very easily to a story.

Tom Rothman reports in the Hollywoodreporter that Levy details that his best idea would have been a scrap of an adventure story set loosely within the Minecraft universe. That’s the problem with the game is that Notch and the Mojang company he founded never intended the game to have a story, or even a linear progression. It’s more of a world simulator; you get dropped in the middle of nowhere and then you start punching trees.

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