The Wide-Ranging Benefits of Securus Technologies Video Visitation Technology

Mar - 27 2017 | By

Based on Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is an industry leader when it comes to civil and criminal justice system technology. The company develops cutting edge technological solutions in an array of areas that include offender monitoring, investigation, and inmate communication. Public safety is a paramount concern of Securus Technologies.


Video Visitation is one of the company’s most sought after technological solutions. Securus Technologies Video Visitation provides a means for incarcerated men and women and their loved ones in the real world to have meaningful visits. These visits are able to occur with the hassle and expense associated with traditional in-person visits.


At the present time, 178 correctional agencies utilize Securus Technologies Video Visitation. About 160,000 individual visits occur in the U.S. each month using Video Visitation. That amounts to about 2 million a year.


The CEO of Securus Technologies has discussed the growth in use of Video Visitation recently. He noted that its use has been doubling every year. He expects the total number of visits next year via the Securus Technologies Video Visitation to be about 4 million individual visits.


The mobile app is becoming a more popular means of visiting loved ones. The mobile app is user friendly and makes visitation even more convenient for loved ones. The apps for both desktop and mobile devices has been downloaded over 232,000 times to date.


Another of the major benefits associated with Securus Technologies Video Visitation is found in cost. Traditional in-person visitation costs an average of about $100 per visit. With Video Visitation, the cost associated with visits is reduced dramatically to $2.72 per session.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation solution is a comprehensive system. In addition to providing the visit portal, it includes institutional security and registration features as well. It is more than a derivation of something like Skype.


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