Thor Halvorssen’s Little Known Film Career

Apr - 07 2017 | By

Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is one of the most prominent and lauded social human rights activists in all of North America, some might even argue in the entire world. His exploits are varied and impressive, ranging from creating the international nonprofit, The Human Rights Foundation, to globetrotting down to North Korea and releasing American films over the border via balloons. Once he was even imprisoned and badly beaten by Vietnamese officers after surreptitiously interviewing a Buddhist religious dissident in Ho Chi Minh.

However, what most people do not know about Mr. Halvorssen is that he has, for many years now, been active within the film industry, primarily as a executive producer for various documentaries. Mr. Halvorssen first began producing films in the early 2000s with the humorific political documentary Hammer & Tickle which focused on the usage of humor to criticize the Soviet regime. In 2006, the same year as Hammer & Tickle,Thor Halvorssen backed another documentary titled Freedom’s Fury, which looked into the infamous water polo match between Hungary and Russia in the 1950s, a match in which tensions between the two teams, from political friction, reached such a fever pitch that the water ended up red with the blood of it’s participants.

In 2007 he produced the film, The Sugar Babies, a film which looked into the historical roots as well as the current day problems surrounding exploitation within the sugar cane industry. That same year he would go on to produce the film for which he is arguably most well known to this day, the highly controversial political documentary, Indoctrinate U. The film looked into the way that American colleges where becoming more and more liberally homogeneous in terms of collective thought. The film garnered a massive deal of both positive and negative attention due to it’s criticism of progressive liberalism, this criticism was heightened due to the fact that despite Halvorssen’s liberal leanings, he has time and again criticism left wing movements just as scathingly as right wing movements which he views as problematic to the values of equality, democracy and personal liberty.


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