Tom Rothman: An Amazing Hollywood Career

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For most people who graduate from college and become English teachers, the last thing they expect is for them to wind up as a Hollywood executive. However, that’s exactly what happened to Tom Rothman. From humble beginnings as an English teacher and coach of soccer and lacrosse, Tom found his way to Hollywood and has a list of accomplishments few people in the industry can match.

Currently the head of TriStar Productions, Tom has played a large role in bringing some of the most well-received and highest-earning films to the silver screen. In fact, the list of films Tom has been involved with reads like a list of the greatest films ever made. Titanic, Avatar, Cast Away, Black Swan, Walk the Line, X-Men, Waiting to Exhale and many others have had Tom at the helm, working with some of the most influential actors and actresses in Hollywood including Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Will Smith and many others. Working with such acclaimed directors as Steven Spielberg, Tom’s films have been nominated for over 150 Academy Awards while winning the coveted Best Picture Oscar three times along the way.

In addition to the films he has been associated with, Tom has also had a hand in helping to develop some of television’s most popular programs. While serving as Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 2000-2012, he was responsible for the production and distribution of such popular shows as Modern Family, Homeland and the wildly successful Glee. One of the few executives in Hollywood who has had the Midas touch with both the silver screen and small screen, Tom has demonstrated a unique ability to establish great working relationships with the many actors and actresses involved in the productions. Along with this, he also has a keen sense of what the viewing public wants, and has been able to produce extraordinary results every step of the way.

While establishing relationships with people is one of Tom’s greatest strengths, others also point to his willingness to help others in the industry gain valuable experience that allows them to climb the Hollywood ladder of success.  Tom is also a big believer in equal opportunity for everyone, and has been a strong proponent of women advancing into positions of leadership in Hollywood. In fact, his mentoring of many women executives led to all four of Fox’s major film production divisions being led by women, which was a Hollywood first.

As Tom continues his amazing Hollywood career, the Hollywood Reporter notes that Sony is excited for many more fantastic films and television shows coming to theaters and living rooms.  For more information on Tom Rothman, check out his official website or you can follow him on Twitter.

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