Wengie’s Life

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Life style and beauty blogger Wengie was born in Guangzhou China on January 9th 1986 where she was raised by her grandparents for a few years after her parents left for Australia. Wengie reunited with her parents at age four in Melbourne. She very much enjoyed her first plane ride as she can remember believing she played amongst the clouds. Wengie’s creativity did not end with her cloud play; as her family began their new life, money was short and Wengie resourcefully crafted her own toys out of everyday items including a tennis ball doll and costumes made of paper.


At age seven Wengie began living in Melbourne where her parents had received jobs. Although she was shy during her grade school years, Wengie made it a point to be more outgoing and social throughout high school. During this time is when Wengie began spending her free time on the internet where she eventually started her own web page based on some of her other hobbies. Later in her high school years Wengie dreamt of being a fashion designer or possibly a psychologist but later decided accounting would an honorable choice, and would also be best for helping her family financially.


After a few years of really dedicating herself to her school work Wengie received her degree in accounting and moved out her parents’ house at age 24. After only four years in accounting Wengie made the choice to resign as she did not feel her job was fulfilling as it did not provide a creative outlet.


Ironically enough Wengie soon began her next job as a social media consultant. Not long after she also started her blog; followed by her YouTube channel, where she showcased her creativity in makeup and style. Throughout life’s ups and downs Wengie attributes the praise and encouragement received from subscribers as her reason to continue on with her passion.


Wengie then got engaged to her fiancé Max in August of 2014, and 300 videos later she gained her first million subscribers. Wengie remains thankful and loving of her subscribers and supporters.



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