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Aug - 05 2017 | By

Any PPC campaign will have to go through several trials before it can be successful. This would include determining the keywords that provide the highest performance. Various growth techniques can be used to increase awareness in order to drive traffic to the site. But just focusing on getting people to click on the ads is not enough.

What needs to be remembered here is that searchers on the web do not have time or patience for searching information on any site. This means that the landing page of an ad must answer the questions which the searchers seek. In case this does not happen, they will click and move on to the next site. White Shark Media is well aware that visitors will spend just a few 15 seconds on a site. In case they do not find what they are looking for, they would move on. Hence limited time is available to answer the questions of their visitors and prove superiority over the competitors. The way in which the site greets visitors will determine the success or failure of any business.

White Shark Media is also aware that potential patients are looking for consistent messaging on the site. In the case of an ad that promotes root canal treatments, the person would like to get some information about that service before being led to a landing page. In case this does not happen, they are more likely to go to another site and never come back.

Besides, White Shark Media maintains that running a PPC campaign would require copy testing on an ongoing basis. This means tweaking the landing pages on a continuous basis as that would help in maintaining consistency across various customer interaction points. This would require matching the keywords with the ad copy. In this way, visitors will spend longer time on the site. Besides the keywords, there must be continuity in the messaging too. This means that the landing page must be in continuity with the ad which led the customer to this site. If that does not happen, it will lead to a confusing experience for the visitor.

Just attracting potential patients will not help. The ultimate goal of the landing page is to convert these from a visitor to a lifelong customer. This can be done through calls to action. But White Shark Media prohibits too many call-to-action buttons as that can be annoying site while too few buttons can make a visitor miss these buttons.


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