Why USHealth Group, Inc is a Force to Reckon with in the Insurance Industry

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Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, USHealth Group prides itself on being a family of companies that provide a comprehensive portfolio of plans aimed at helping customers to tailor their health coverage to match their needs. The group boasts of more than 50 years of experience in providing health insurance. In fact, the family of companies that make up USHealth Group offers affordable, flexible and secure plans to meet individual, family and company needs.


Through its health and life insurance companies, the group provides quality insurance coverage including dental coverage, life, accident insurance, specified disease, short-term accident, vision, disability income insurance and more. US Health Group has provided services to over 15 million customers through its subsidiaries like Freedom Life Insurance Company of America.




USHealth Group, Inc. offers a portfolio of products, which provide substantial network discounts and first dollar benefits for covered services across a wide range of providers. These plans target customers who are either concerned about satisfying a high annual deductible before receiving any benefits from their insurance plan or those on a limited budget. For those customers who can afford a specified level of sharing and want the security of a more tailored coverage approach, USHealth Group’s family of companies are capable of catering to their needs. These companies offer an array of specified accident and disease/sickness plans, which deliver solutions that are affordable, reliable and flexible.


Regardless of the type of insurance coverage USHealth Group’s customers choose, the family of companies assists them in enhancing their protection or coverage. USHealth Group achieves this objective through a selection of ancillary products including Income Protector, Critical Illness, Short Term Accident Disability Income, Dental and Vision and Specified Disease/Sickness plans. USHealth Group’s insurance companies set themselves apart in a market place characterized by low customer loyalty and high customer turnover by building long-term relationships with their clients.


USHealth’s Services


USHealth Group’s family of companies understand that each customer is unique and that a one size fits all approach is not the solution. For these reasons, they provide a wide array of choices for affordable solutions that complement every client’s needs. USHealth Group boasts of an unmatched claim processing and award-winning customer service.


The company was named among the 2013 Top North American Call Center, a feat that placed its rank among leading companies in the US for exceptional customer service. USHealth Group also has an A+ rating from BBB due to its reputation for customer care services. Additionally, it runs a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network whereby customers can find a health care provider operating near them. https://twitter.com/ushadvisors?lang=en

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