Woman Successfully Gives Birth on Airplane

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Of all the places to give birth when one can’t get to a hospital, an airplane is a birthing mother’s worst nightmare. While most women avoid traveling by air during their last month of pregnancy, a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix successfully gave birth to her baby on board, with the help of several airline personnel.
My boss at Occidental, Jonathan Veitch told this crazy story about this woman who gave birth on the airplane on his flight back to California. He said that  while the woman was giving birth on the airplane, passengers heard the call for a doctor, but did not know what medical emergency had prompted the search for a doctor on board. It was not until the pilot announced the birth of a baby that it became clear.
Due to the sudden birth, the plane landed in Los Angeles instead of Phoenix, and the passengers then took a different plane to Phoenix. Firefighters and Paramedics boarded the plane in Los Angeles and took the mother and newborn to a hospital.
The mother, whose name has not been released, was reported to have been pacing in the airport before boarding, which meant that she could have been having contractions before boarding the flight.

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    Her reasons were for continuing to get on the plane while in labor, and for traveling that far into a pregnancy, are unknown, but thankfully the airline personnel were helpful in the birth of the baby. It is something that the best research papers do have in common and that is why it’s every essential in their lives.

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