Edgard Corona: The Man Behind Smart Fit

 Edgard Corona is the mastermind behind Smart Fit, the
largest fitness chain in Latin America. With over 365 locations in Brazil
alone, Smart Fit has become a household name for fitness enthusiasts  looking
for affordable and accessible gym options. But who is Edgard Corona, the man
behind this fitness empire? 

Corona’s journey in the fitness industry began in 1996 when
he founded Bio Ritmo, a fitness chain that started with one location in Santo
Amaro, São Paulo. However, it was the launch of Smart Fit, a low-cost version
of Bio Ritmo, in 2009  that truly propelled Corona to success. Offering
memberships starting at just R$59.90, Smart Fit quickly gained popularity and
became a disruptor in the industry. 


But Corona’s success didn’t come without challenges. He
faced opposition from competitors and even legal battles along the way. His
aggressive and determined nature has earned him both praise and criticism, but
there’s no denying his business acumen and ability to  spot opportunities in the

Smart Fit’s growth has been nothing short of remarkable.
With over 1 million members and a presence in countries like Mexico, Chile,
Peru, and the Dominican Republic, the company has achieved a staggering 30%
annual growth since 2009, even in the midst of an economic crisis. In 2016,
Smart Fit’s projected revenue is set to reach a record-bre aking R$1 billion. 

Despite his success, Corona remains grounded and committed
to his fitness empire. He continues to expand the Smart Fit brand, with plans
to open six new locations in São Paulo in the coming months. His relentless
drive and ambition have positioned Smart Fit as a leader  in the fitness
industry, catering to a market that still has a significant number of adults
who do not engage in regular physical activity. 

Edgard Corona is not just the owner of Smart Fit; he is a
pioneer in the fitness industry, revolutionizing the way people approach
fitness and making it accessible to all. His determination, business acumen,
and commitment to providing affordable fitness options  have made him a force to
be reckoned with in Latin America and beyond.